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My locals come up tomorrow and I'm looking forward to getting them...except for the wait for the super dish. I'm also comtemplating switching over to DirecTV once they get my locals, so I really don't want to be tied down for a year unless I have to. So I thought about rolling my own super dish using an old primestar dish/lnb.

Currently I have a Dish 500 antenna w/ 2 dual lnbs going into 2 SW-21 feeding 2 different receivers in my house. Since I only subscribe to AT60, I really only need to see the 119 satellite. Can I unhook the 110 satellite and hook up the primestar dish directly to the SW-21. I'm trying to get away with spending as little as possible unless I have to and just use my existing equipment. Unless it's necessary, I'd prefer not having to get a SW-64 if I don't need to.

Along the same lines, I know that the primestar dishes came with two styles of lnbs. The older ones had seperate lines for the horizontal and vertical signals. Since all of my locals are on the same transponder channel, can I just hook up the vertical (or horizontal) line stright into the sw21?

Basically, I would like to end up doing something like the attached picture below. Will splitting (yes splitting) the signal from 121 work since I would already have the vertical (or horizontal) feed?


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Well I use a sw21 to get 105 with a sw64 to get a total of 4 satellites. Hooking up just 119 and 121 probably will work just fine.
mike123abc said:
Well I use a sw21 to get 105 with a sw64 to get a total of 4 satellites. Hooking up just 119 and 121 probably will work just fine.

any diagrams on how to hook up 4 satellites? I just finished doing the 2 sw 64
8 receiver upgrade, and i thought I couldn't add anymore satellites without going to the dp-44 and superdish (I have a jvc hm-dsr100 vcr/receiver that
won't work with the superdish but, I dont want to retire it just yet)

You hook 3 of the satellites up to the SW64 then on each of the outputs of the SW64 you will have to put a SW21. One of the inputs to the SW21 is the SW64 reciever drop, the other one the 4th satellite. Note this is a poor solution since you only have 2 outputs from the 4th satellite LNB so you have to have to add more dishes for each group of 2 recievers.

The DPP44 will be 100x better, but of course I have not seen (other than speculation) a successful install of a DP compatible single FSS LNB.

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