poor picture quality using the rear inputs of the 811


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Jan 11, 2004
Has anyone else have this issue..I hooked up my dvd player to input 1 of the 811 and picture is really poor..Thought maybe it was the dvd player so i also hooked up my 301 to input 1 of the 811 and the resulting picture is really poor..Any ideas?
I haven't tried the inputs on my 811, but it's probably related to the dark s-video problem. The 811 has so many problems, this is just another new one. I tried to use the 811's VCR timer yesterday and all I recorded was a black picture. The 811 turned on itself and it started/stopped the VCR just fine but no pic or sound. I tried it with the 811 on and it worked fine, so it seems when the timer powers up the 811 from being off to record a program it forgets to to send the video and sound to the VCR. Another problem to add to the list. :no
lime4x4 said:
I'm using the composite video output of the 811

The composite video and the s-video both have the same dark picture quality problem. Dish has said that the next software update will fix that issue. I notice it most on the premium movie channels for some reason, its still noticable on others but not as bad. Maybe it's just there are more dark scenes in movies. I am patiently, well maybe not, but I am waiting for the fix to come down this month. The high def outputs are not too bad. I use s-video to the tv and composite to the VCR and both pics are dark.
I have tried the composite inputs of the 811 and they do leave something to be desired. I would not pump DVD through them. The only thing I see them good at is maybe as a starting put for Avia tuning and I am not sure that would be any good. I was disappointed to say the least and I would not even use them for camcorder viewing.
Not really the dark video issue -- these inputs have very low resolution - barely watchable. Pretty much useless except in an emergency.


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