Possibility of bad LNBF's?


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Aug 18, 2004
Well I have no signal on my Bev 6100 system. Everything inside my house was disconnected for a rehab for some time and now it won't work.
My broker told me I'll need a rehit when I get a signal and that's my problem...no signal!
I went to the roof and nothing has been moved, so I tested the LNBF's by running a direct wire from the lnbf's to the receiver and still no signal.
Is it possible I got a surge or a lightning hit or something to damage the lnb's?
Is there any other testing I can do and what type of replacements do I buy?
I have a couple of DirectTv ones laying around, will they work?

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Feb 9, 2005
Yes the direcTV ones will work. Weather seals sometimes go bad on lnb's but to have 2 go at the same time would be extremely rare.

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