PPV boxing Match tonight ch711 $1.00

saw the preview on one of the cinemas-quality looked great-will be nice to see an hd fight in true hd, not like how hbo shows theirs-4:3 and upconverted-yuk!!
Fight was great! Well worth the $1, I just hope Voom keeps providing matches like this at this price! Stuff like this makes you glad you have Voom.
At a $1 a pop? Not likely ..... but a decent fee (Under $20) would be better than the normal $40-$50 PPV events ........ And how about this idea - an upfront fee for multiple PPV events at a discounted rate - that would be nice too ..... if, of course, they could get the events set up in time to offer such a deal. I am happier with VOOM every week - I've never been unhappy with the growing pains - I look forward to more HD in the near future.


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