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May 17, 2004
I replaced my 522 with a 211k receiver and EHD. Other than my Blu-Ray player, which hasn't seen a Blu-Ray disk in a couple of years, the 722 was the only HD source for my Samsung LCD TV. WHen I connected the 211k, I was amazed at the difference in picture quality.

At first I though it might have been the channels, but after spending a little time trying to do an objective comparison, I concluded that the picture quality of the 211k is far superior to the 722. Even on the guide screen, the boxes and letters of the guide are noticeably sharper.

Is this the difference between generations of equipment or is there something wrong with the 722? If there's something wrong, I'll call Dish and see about getting the 722 replaced again. If 722s really don't have as good a picture as the 211k, I'll look into upgrading it.

Thanks for your help.

the mack

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Sep 10, 2009
I would have to believe the 211k uses a newer gen chip set, and maybe that is why the picture is better?

seems 722k and 211k would be similar, maybe you need a 722k...lol


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Nov 25, 2003
Nederland , Texas
I have upgraded just about every time a new hd dvr has come out. When the 622 came out I swore it was better Pq than the 942 dvr I had before. Same for the 722dvr that replaced the 622 and same last year when I replaced the 722 with a 722k. Newer receivers get the latest gen chip set. I am sure that the 922 will make all the other hd receivers pale by comparison. Especially, since it will be able to do 1080p in the hd ouput menu.

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