Pre-Installation Questions

Gore1 said:
Bill, thanks. That's what I needed to know.

Not a problem!

Your concerns were the same as mine. I'm good to go and have an install planned for this Thursday. Can't wait.

Word of caution on azimuth

The installation guarantee is voided if you try to adjust your dish. Installs Inc. will come back and re-set it, but will charge for a service call.
I gotta tell you they used a diplexer on my install and I have not problems at all. Great picture for bot satellite and OTA... :)
Ouch... if you do mess it up. Even if it takes you an hour, you will be able to get it back to where it was. I don't see why anyone would need a service call unless you're borderline of getting the signal, and need it tuned in perfectly in order to get a viewable signal.
Elevation = 44... I am so jealous. Here in Snohomish, WA the elevation for 61.5 is 12 degrees. :(
What audio cables come with VOOM?

Have my VOOM install coming Friday morn. That zero down no committment was just what I needed to get my wife on board! Rain/snow predicted Friday, so keep your fingers crossed for me the weather stays in my favor! Spoke with the folks at Vision Systems in RI , a division of Installs, Inc they told me, and I asked what audio cables they supply to connect to my audio DD5.1 hook up. She said no cables are provided. I asked if they run two seperate RG-6 cables- one for the digital signal and the other for the OTA signal. She said she thinks one, but not sure- the installer will know what to do. She was really super nice and friendly- in fact when I told her American Sat had charged me $50 fee and a 15% restock fee, as well as my own $48 to ship back the DirectTv equip after line of sight problems, she dropped the phone. She assured me I would be charged nothing for LOS problems. The Dtv guy was on my roof and said I couldn't get D*tv but I had a good signal for the VOOM sat...fingers are crossed! So, am I supposed to get audio cables and is the line supposed to be diplexed? Help! -Dan

No digital audio cables. They can connect up to 4 coax lines without charge. In your case you need one for OTA and another for the satellite. There is a DVI or component cable included for the video. No LOS fee...
Thanks for the quick response Sean. Depending what time they come, I may have to head to work (couldn't get the whole day off) and my wife is very nervous about being bullied by the installer. I'll just have them run the two lines and hook up the video w/ a component and the audio through the TV. I'll hook up to my 5.1 later, as the room is ripped apart for a remodel. We started the remodel before the zero down offer and jumped at it when we heard. Bad timing I guess. So do they automatically run the two cables, or do you specifically have to ask? Also, I'm in MA and have a pretty clear shot at S and SE- just couldn't get SW for D*tv. Think I'll be okay? Again- appreciate the help..... -Dan
This isn't a reply but a question. While I,m new to this forum, I have been involved with cable systems and Sat-TV most all my life, However I've been seriously out of the
loop for the past 4 or 5 years. First I found out about VOOM was there TV adds, which
I thought were rather good, kind cutsey, but effective. Currently with DISH network.
Now for about the only question I havent found the answer to.............
Worst case,VOOM goes under, will the reciever still work as an HDTV over the air tuner
with no intervention from any authorization center?
I doubt it, and someone would probably come around to pickup your equipment since it would go to a clearing house of some sort for liquidating their assets (unless you bought the equipment, then you are SOL).
That was what I was getting at, If I buy, whats the worst case, I realize the
HDTV antenna is still useful, the dish would still be useful on Dish network
recievers. But would the reciever still function as a HDTV tuner????

Yup I measure mine in inches :)
It probably will, once the upgrade the firmware to allow for OTA scanning...
Rumored to be next month. But if you go with the lease option for $9.95, who cares? You don't own it, so if they go under, you're not out anything.


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