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Mar 14, 2009
Sacramento CA
Dish Network was smart enough to create a prepaid service. I have gone from being disappointed that this seemed like the only option for me, to being excited about the options it gave me. This COULD be a wonderful service. But, because I won't commit to ongoing payments and fees, no body cares about the level of service.

When I bought my Dish/Receiver, I was concerned that the store could not recommend someone to install it. Finding someone who would install it was extremely difficult.

I asked when I bought it if the receiver had the latest SmartCard, they said it should as they had just gotten it into stock. When I learned that I was sold a receiver with an old “yellow” SmartCard, they had no idea how to get me an updated one.

The dish was purchased 3/17, installed 3/20. The first time I talked to someone at Dish about getting a new card, they said that the store I bought it from would send in the information and get me an updated card. (The store had no idea, the person with Dish they connected me with had no idea).

3/30 I finally got a Dish CSR that seemed to know what they were doing. They took my receiver number, my phone number, my address and said that they would send out a card via UPS. I should have it in 3 to 5 days.

4/7 (my receiver is giving me a message that I need a new card by 4/8) I call and inquire if the card I requested had been sent. The CSR said she had no way of knowing, but took my information again and said she would send one out using “Over night delivery”. I confirmed that I would have it on 4/8 and was told yes I would.

4/9 Still no card, I can not order any movie channels (I tried, it was never activated but I probably was charged for it any way). This time Dish said that yes the card was sent on the 7th using normal 3 to 5 day delivery. I asked why it was not sent over night as promised and he told me that they don't use over night delivery. I asked for a UPS tracking number, and was told that they don't have them.

So maybe sometime next week I will have my “purple” G3 SmartCard. I am hearing that there are problems activating them. I am also hearing that there are problems with the automated programming ordering system. While I think it is great that Dish has a Spanish speaking CSR department, having the “please hold” messages only in Spanish, and the CSR greeting me in Spanish, doesn't make me feel that they relay care about my business.

What has happened to businesses these days? If you don't commit to two years of service, and give them a Credit Card that they can pull any charge and fee from at any time, you aren't worth their time. I have a no contract Cell Phone, and the service is terrible. Dish offers a prepaid, no contract service, and they can't give us the minimal support to keep our receivers working (and our money coming in)? What's next, I can only use my corner gas station if I commit to buying a preset amount of fuel for the next two years?

-- Scott
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Apr 8, 2009
Yeah, that's one of the drawbacks to having less than stellar credit. Although some will take the prepaid plan just so they have more control over the service. No contract means more freedom to just quit.

Personally, I just find the fees to be ridiculous. They try to nickle and dime you for every little thing they can. Even with my broadband service, I bought my own cable modem rather than leasing. Personally, I think if a company offers a service, they should supply ALL the needed equipment at the included price. Otherwise, its a bit of a scam.

In any event, sorry to hear of your troubles with Dish. Just be glad your on prepaid and can opt out at your choosing. I would just think twice about leasing unless you really plan on keeping the service.
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