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(This is from a PRESS RELEASE

You'll Never Miss A Holiday TV Special With DISH Network's New DVR

Shop With Ease Knowing A DISH Network Digital Video Recorder Is Recording Your Favorite Programs At Home
September 2003 (Newstream) -- EchoStar Communications Corporation and its DISH Network™, America's fastest growing subscription television service, are rolling out the newest digital video recorders (DVRs) in time for early holiday shopping.

While preparing the holiday meals or shopping for gifts, viewers don't have to miss their football games or holiday TV specials with DISH Network's DVR. At the push of a button, viewers can record their favorite holiday programs and watch them at their convenience without buying expensive VHS tapes.

DISH Network's DVR puts viewers in the director's chair. The DVR pauses live TV and skips recorded commercials allowing viewers to watch an hour long program in only 40 minutes.

Digital video recorders are replacing the VCR in the home. DISH Network is leading the industry with two options for viewers who want to have the ultimate control of their TV: the DISH Player-DVR 510 and the DISH Player-DVR 921. DISH Network has sold over 1 million DVRs, establishing the lead as the fastest growing and largest DVR provider in the nation.

DISH Player - DVR 510 - Available Now - DISH Network is the first company in the nation to offer a free DVR to new customers.

Through the Free DISH promotion, new customers will receive the DISH Player - DVR 510, satellite dish, remote control and free standard professional installation
Advanced seven-day on-screen program guide
120-gigabyte hard drive capable of up to 100 hours of tapeless recording
Saves customers $349
In November, DISH Network will add to the DVR receiver line up with the DISH Player- DVR 921. Consumers will be able to watch and record vibrant programming in high definition from channels like ESPN HD and Discovery HD.

DISH Player - DVR 921 - Available In November - The first-of-its-kind high definition DVR will provide:

250-gigabyte hard drive - records up to 25 hours of HDTV or up to 180 hours of standard definition content
Dual tuner that allows the user to record two different shows while viewing a third pre-recorded show
A 30-second skip commercial button to skip through endless holiday commercials
Ability to pause live TV
Four fast-forward and fast-rewind speeds
Includes picture-in-picture on any TV
$999 MSRP
In addition to having the ultimate control with a DVR, viewers are able to take their living room and turn it into their own home theater with DISH Network's high definition channels.


DISH Network's new HD program package for $9.99/month includes ESPN HD, Discovery HD Theater, HDNet and HDNet Movies. DISH Network also offers HBO, Showtime, CBS and a pay-per-view channels in HD. DISH Network makes all eight HDTV channels available to the 108 million U.S. TV households.
Where's the 721

I guess omission of the 721 means they really won't be making this anymore. Am I reading too much into this? I sure feel like I bought into something early that ultimately will be nothing more than a springboard for the wheels for the racing bike, as it were. This depresses me mightily.
Steve the 721 will be Discontinued, however don't dispair, while one guy tells you 721 owners and the 721 itself is doomed. Don't believe the hype.

The 721 will have a long fruitfull life. Since the base code for the 721 and 921 are the same we will be seeing improvements and new features as time goes on.
A_Noland said:
A press release I saw on BusinessWire said in time for the holidays? Hope that doesn't mean december.
The article has links to Dish's website, but nothing (yet) on the website about the 921.
Actually there has been a picture of the 921 on Dish's website for quite some time now. Its under the images gallery. To find it click on the about us link - then click on the image gallery link- Then click on product images link. There you will find a picture of the 921.
The first sentence of the press release states;

"Shop With Ease Knowing A DISH Network Digital Video Recorder Is Recording Your Favorite Programs At Home September 2003 (Newstream)"

Either the mention of September 2003 was an error or does it indicate that this item/press release was originally written in September?
The USB port is there for future use.

It was supposed to be for internet access.

On the 721 which also has USB ports a lot of folks have plugged in Keyboards which makes searching easier. :)

I still hope one day we will see Internet access on the 921 and 721.

510 $99 upgrade question

Should I get the Superdish yet

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