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May 12, 2004
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I see on DISH Web page that the HD Silver package retails for $59.99 - BUT - if one is like me, and "leases" their receiver, that adds another $6 to my monthly bill, is this correct? So it would cost me a total of $65 to upgrade (I get my Locals HD OTA presently with my 811 - I presently pay $45 for At 120)??

TKS Michael:confused:


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Sep 4, 2005
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There's info here
Here's the bit you asked about
Additional receiver fees for leased receivers
(For receivers aquired under the DHA Promotion ONLY the fee on the first receiver on an account is waived, if 1 receiver is an HD, that will be considered the primary receiver)
(all leases require qualified programming and DishHD if upgraded to a Dish HD receiver)
SD Receiver Lease Fee $5
HD Receiver Lease Fee $6 (211,411,622)

HD Enabling Fee $6 (charged for each 411,211,622;waived if subscribed to a DishHD package)

Service Access Fee $6 (waived for all Qualified programming packages, Family, AT, Latino, DishHD, Great Wall)

Dual Tuner Fee $5 (waived for each dual Tuner receiver continuosly connected to a phone line)

DishPlayer DVR Fee $5.98 (charged for DVRs 510,522,622,625,921,942; waived if subbed to AEP, HD Platinum, or Latino EP)

So it depends if it's your only receiver and you acquired it under the DHA promotion.


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Jun 13, 2004
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I'm pretty confused about the pricing, too. I'm on the Digital Home Advantage plan, with a 522 and a 510. I'd like to swap out the 510 for a 622 and upgrade from the top 60 with locals to Bronze HD. So... Here's my calculations:
current fees:
DHA Top 60 with locals $34.99
Additional Receiver $5.00
510 DVR fee $5.98
522 DVR fee $5.98
Total: $51.95

Upgrade to HD Bronze:
DishHD Bronze with locals $54.99
Additional Receiver $5.00
622 DVR fee $5.98
522 DVR fee $5.98
New total $71.95

does that sound right? it would be so much easier if Dish was more up front with their costs...


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Mar 2, 2004
add an extra $1 to the additonal receiver fee, for it being HD and it's right

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