Problem Installing 721


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Nov 10, 2003
Hey everyone. Well, I ordered a 721 the other day, and just received it this afternoon. Went to hook it up, but all I got was the Dish logo with the statements...

Validating Hard Drive
Please wait...

That would hang on the screen for a minute or two then the receiver would reboot itself and do the same thing again.

If anyone could shed some light on how to set this thing up I would appreciate it...the Dish network phones seem to be down right now, so I can't even call customer service.
How many times has it rebooted?

That happened to me once, then on like its 4th boot it was fine. I don't get it.

Hopefully your 721 was not involved in a game of UPS 721 Football. :D
It's probably rebooted about 4 or 5 times now. Guess I'll wait and see. USB football?

Now it has rebooted like 15 times.

Anyone know why Dish Network phones aren't working today?
I saw something like this during my 721 install. I broke the loop by hitting the remote's power on button when the screen cleared. Seemed to kick start the thing.
Mine did the same thing a couple of days ago. I had to unplug the darn thing once that screen cleared and reboot it that way.
How many lines do you have coming into your house and what kind of switch if any are you using.
I had to keep switching the line inputs from my sw64 - I have 3 lines into the room currently. I had to use a mixed pair ( the line outs are sequenced from my sw64 - its in the 721 manual) to get it to stop looping.
I started geting error messages then when I tried to check switch that I had a mixed pair then set it back to the way it was and finally got it up and running. Took me over 90 minutes to set it up. The inital software upgrade to almost 30 minutes to download. That seemed to clear up my not being authorized to watch anything after I had call Dish to activate the receiver 40 minutes prior.

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