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Jan 4, 2005
I've searched the forum on this topic and found others have this issue, but this is somewhat different and was hoping someone can help. This all started with a dish 500 that got replaced w/ a superdish. I ran an extra rg6 cable along with the 2 cables that were there from the dish 500 install and its all hooked up thru a dp34. signals are as follow... 119=110% 110=108% 121=83% all approx as i can remember. The install went well and customer watched sat for about a month without issues. Just the other day he says the picture will pixelize and freeze for seconds at a time quite often. I hooked up a digital sat finder in line with each lnb to find that the signal does not seem to drop out at all during the picture going bad. Strange!!! I've replaced the dp dual lnb, the fss and the dss and still have the same problem. The problem exists in both of the receivers he has (501 and 721). when we look at the signal strengths in setup of the receivers, on 110 there will be no signal on the transponder that the receiver selected but if we manually change it to another one it will have great signal. Any clue? the only thing with the cabling that we had done when we switched to the superdish is made 2 splices at the dish because the superdish is longer and the original run was not long enough. We added two female barrel connectors to join them. Any help will be appreciated.


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Feb 6, 2005
Akron, Ohio, United States
I'm sure there may be other possibilities to look at, but from the sounds of it, I would start replacing your barrels. You can use "normal" barrels. Something of a more high-freq. rating is what is needed. Of course, the obvious solution is to just run a brand new set of lines from the SD to the DP34 switch


Jul 25, 2005
Did you replace the 34 switch? I don't see record of it in your post, just that you replaced lnbs. Of course I am sure you used correct barrel connectors where you spliced ;)

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