Problems with IR Remote for VIP 622


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Apr 21, 2007
Lake Ariel, PA
I am having problems with my IR remote for TV1 on my VIP 622. It works some of the time and other times it takes multiple presses of a button before it will work. The TV and VCR modes work fine. I have changed the batteries but that doesn't help. My UHF remote works fine (I am presently operating in single mode) but I will be adding a TV in another room soon which will be hooked up to TV2 and I will be using the 622 in dual mode.

Any thoughts on how I can correct this?


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Jun 8, 2006
Denver, CO
In Chapter 10, starting with the last section on Page 81, you will find info on how to program the Aux Mode of the IR and/or the UHF PRO remotes to control another Dish receiver.

I recommend you try programming the Aux Mode of your TV1 and TV2 remotes to see if either or both will control the 622 when in the same room. If it does, then the 622 is okay. If not, then I would think you may have a problem with the 622. But first go into System Info and get the TV1 Remote Address so that you can program the Aux Mode with the same remote address code.

Some other thoughts to check:
- Is the receiver behind smoked glass
- Is something else blocking the front of the receiver
- Is there some new remote control equipment in the room that may be sending another IR signal that is interferring with it
- Are the Remote 1 buttons starting to stick (dropping Pepsi or Taco Bell on it:D)
- Are you laying back in the Lazy Boy and your foot is blocking the signal

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