Programming 322 Remote for Zenith TV

Here's how to do a power scan for TV codes on a 322 remote. With the TV on, press and hold the "TV" mode button on the remote until all the mode buttons lite up. Then press the small "TV Power" button. The "TV" mode button should be solid red then. Next keep pressing the up key on the remote with about a seconds gap between each depression until the TV turns off. Then press the # key. This will lock the code into the remote and you're all set. You may have to press the up key litterally a couple hundred times to get it, but that's the easiest way. I think Zenith codes are somewhere towards the beginning anyways.
Anyone have any Zenith remote codes?

ALL..I reapat ALL Zenith tv's respond to code and hold the tv button till all mode buttons light up..enetr 5-0-1 on the number keypad..the tv button will flash 3 the # the TV power button(red) will turn off....Yer done..
BTW to all who are concernd... tv codes that work for most models on the following brands
RCA,GE, Proscan.....code 503
Maganavox/ Philips.....566

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