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May 24, 2004
Need help. Am totally new to the whole enhanced TV relm. Just purchased the 65" Mitsubishi SilverPlus (model WS-65413) which looked great in the store. I was shocked when I hooked it up to my DirecTV reciever and all channels were blurry. I was affraid the TV was damaged or I was sitting too close until I then hooked up my DVD player (via Monster Component A/V cables) and it looked and sounded GREAT!

What can I do to make the DirecTV look good through this projection tv? I really want to be able to watch sports clearly on this tv. I've read in other threads that upgrading to the DirecTV HiDef dish/tuner would even enhance the regular channels. Can anyone confirm this? Would switching to component cables from my current DirecTV box help any? Any advice would greatly appreciated. Thx.
First we need to define "blurry."

Is it a bad "Blurry" as in, unwatchable blurry? Or is it "I've just been watching HDTV at Tweeter and now standard def looks blurry?"

Assuming it's an "unwatchable/something IS WRONG" blurry, then try connecting your satty unit up to another TV and see if you have the same problem (with the same set of outputs <ie components>).

Good luck and let us know what you find.
The first thing you need to do is get a DVD set-up disk like Avia or Sound and Vision this will greatly improve the quality of the picture just by adjusting all of your tv's settings. Make sure you turn down the tv's contrast and Brightness right away if you have not already. Other than this all you can do is make sure you have a quality s-video cable from your tv to your Direct tv reciever.Any satelite co. will look somewhat blurry because of the signal is being commpressed so much, but Direct tv's pic quality should improve once they get this new satelite hooked up and they free up some space.
The blur only occurs when the camera shot is from afar. Like when watching the Arena football this weekend, when the camera did a close up on a player, it looked fine, but when it backed off to show the action over 1/2 the field, all the players were extremely blurry. We bought DirecTV for the NFL package and since DVD's play awesome on the TV, I concluded that I must just need a better connection from the DirecTV satellite or possible to upgrade to HD Satellite signal.
Thats satelite, you will get used to it, I agree I dont think it should be as blury but unless you have an HD receiver or an non HDTV thats how it looks.
you have an HDTV. an HDTV was made for HDTV. just as an analog TV was made for analog. anything less that what a TV is made will not look great. analog cable would look the same way on your big screen. an SDTV image is made for TV's up to 36" or so. anything beyond will get blury if you plan on sitting really close. you need an HD receiver that will upscale everything to an HD like level for your TV or as near 1080i as possible. this will help, but non-HD isn't real HD at any point.
Thanks... so it looks like my best option is to upgrade to HDTV service from DirecTV, and then obviously HD channels will look great, but hopefully the standard channels will look better due to the conversion.
web_dude said:
Thanks... so it looks like my best option is to upgrade to HDTV service from DirecTV, and then obviously HD channels will look great, but hopefully the standard channels will look better due to the conversion.

How is your DIRECTV receiver connected? Don't use anything less that the S-Video out of the box to your monitor. Also, try looking at a live signal (Fox News, CNN) instead of something like old 70's shows like Nick at Nite. :D
I "had" DirecTV hooked up to my RP HDTV through S-Video cables (which seemed to make no difference). I had a DirecTV guy out at the house late last week who kindly informed me that I should have never had DirecTV installed because of the trees around my house. Original installer never mentioned this. One "NEGATIVE" about DirecTV is that they use sub-contracters to install. The guy obviously didn't want to drive all the way out to my house and not install, most likely not getting paid as much, so he installed anyway. Leaves came out this Spring and wa-la... crappy signal.

Seems DirecTV is the way to go for most of you (with line of sight) but for me, well I had Comcast install HD on Sunday and my TV picture is incredible on HD channels, and a lot better on SD. Thanks for everyone's advice. Maybe I'll have clear line of sight in the next house...
Web dude,

Not having a clear line of sight won't cause a bad picture. It's digital. It will cause no picture! ;)

That wasn't your problem. (Unless you're picture was just completely dropping out)

As previously mentioned, your blurry issue is the fact that you have such a high-end set and you are watching a standard def feed! ;)

Life's a biotch, huh? ;)
I'm glad I found this thread via Google. I bought a Sony 51" RP HDTV and had Direct TV installed at my home this weekend, and have been disappointed at how bad the picture looks sometimes. Sometimes it's better than others, but even on the best shows, I can see vertical lines in the resolution (interlacing?). I've noticed HBO looks better than Nick at Nite (my favorite viewing). I need to buy a progressive scan DVD player next week. PS works with 1080i, right? I'm confused over using PS DVD with an interlaced screen.
Welcome to SatelliteGuys... did they install an HD receiver? A Progressive scan player will output at 480p, your set should adjust itself accordingly and will provide a much improved picture over what you are now getting if you did not get an Hd receiver...
No, they didn't install an HD receiver. Just a standard DVR receiver. I need to save up $700 for an HD DVR receiver, before the wife will allow that purchase. I'm confident my picture will look much better when I get HD (well, on HD channels anyway).
How close are you sitting to your tv?just curious? need to get a HD receiver and hook it up thru component!If your tv is 65inches you need to be atleast 12 feet away from it in order for it to seem somewhat clear and focused!
My TV is 51", and we are sitting a little close. About 10'. I plan to hook the HD receiver through component when I get one. For now, I'm using S-video, but component through the DVD.
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