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Nov 25, 2003
Just curious if anyone has a pronto and if so which model and does it work well with the Dish recivers (mostly concerned with the 811 and 510)
can anyone recomend a good remote control program for a PDA? Pocket pc 2002
I'm using a Pronto TSU3000 and a Pronto Neo on my 501 and 811. It's working great and discrete on and off codes area available.
I used a 301 remote to teach my Pronto Neo. It works great. I have noticed that the 811 occasionally hangs using the UHF PRO Dish remote and I can use the Neo to continue use. I believe the UHF is hanging up the 811 in the menu mode.

I also have many functions preprogramed from the 301 in my Neo. Example , if I turn on my system the remote not only turns on the Dish receiver but also sets the tuner to a specific channel--Fox News along with setting the audio receiver and Pioneer to specific settings. This is for the wife who does not want to press alot of buttons. She can press one and get to the news channel -- it is what she likes to watch. :)

2ND 811 Installed today as promised !!!

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