PVR 501 lost 13/18 Volt LNB excitation


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Nov 7, 2006
Hello, first time to post a message here.

I moved my 5 year old PVR501 from the house to our motor home for a trip. I have a single RG-6 cable running through the motor home so I installed a satellite diplexer behind the 501. Unfortunately, I forgot to install a second diplexer at the other end (which I had with me, just forgot) and connected the outside coax to a cable port at an RV park, thus shorting out the satellite input to the receiver. I realized what I had done a few minutes later, but by then I had lost the 13/18 volts from the receiver (I measure around 6 mv now). I had used a 4000 receiver with a portable dish antenna on a previous trip and it worked fine, so I have the connections right.

I would have thought the receiver would have tolerated a shorted cable to the
Satellite input connection on the receiver. Does anyone know if the 501 is more susceptible to damage than other receivers? Should I obtain a different model?

I'm an old retired fart now and will probably make the same mistake again. If Sams Photofact had a schematic for this thing, I'd attempt a repair myself since I've never had any real problems with this receiver, but I suppose my only recourse is to swap it out with Dish Network and hope I don't receive someone else's problem. Your advice would be appreciated.

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