PVR Upgrade for existing customers


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Nov 7, 2003
Has anyone noticed that this has been taken off of DISH's website as an upgrade for existing customers?
My parents called and upgraded to the 510 last night. Free offer. They are actually adding on and not swapping out.
I also noticed the deal was gone today...had been eyeballing it this weekend as an xmas gift for the wife (really!) I called in tonight and decided to get the 510 (already have service w/a 6000). They offered $99 installed with CC autopay, which I don't want. 2nd offer was $123.95, no CC autopay but a 12mo commitment to AT50 or greater...I took this deal. Install is this coming Monday. Guess I just decided whether or not to wait for HDTivo as well...hope the 921 and Uberdish come around soon to add to the mix.

You got me for another 12 months Charlie...please get your head back in the HD game!

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