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Mar 19, 2010
Can't get any of that but do have a question for those who may have recorded some of it. How large are those files?? I do a fair amount of recording on 103w NBC and those files are YUGE, ie, a one hour program will usually produce a 10+ GB TS video file? And that's only 1080p, not 4K??

So how large are those files, and, is there a chance of current USB and storage drive technology not being able to handle a data stream that large?

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Aug 8, 2012
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It looks like you'll just need fast enough connections. USB 3.0 is specced at 5.0Gbps and SATA 3 is 6.0Gbps, so you'd need a beast of a video feed to hit that bitrate. I'm not sure how many receivers have UBS 3.0 or eSATA ports, but USB 2.0 can still supposedly hit 480Mbps. The highest 4K bitrate I've noticed searching through the forum is 80Mbs, so the only real limit is the size of the hard drive. A 80Mbps feed works out to 10MBps, AKA 600 MB per minute. That works out to 36,000MB or 35.17GB per hour.

So the next big thing in FTA will be having a 12-bay NAS

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Dec 19, 2008
Depends too if you are recording the transport stream or converting the target stream to MP4 (or whatever file type) before sending it off for storage.

Been trying to stream UHD video through the LAN and not having much luck. Looks like I need a better gigibyte router, the Cisco just won't cut the mustard. Hoping I have a line on a Grashopper...
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