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Sep 7, 2003
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OK, it's time to really start thinking about a switch to D* after watching the latest Charlie Chat. One thing that's been holding me back is the lack of a UHF remote DirecTivo unit. Is there one in the works and does anyone know when it will come out?

Also, any late news on the HD DirecTivo unit since the 921 from Dish is still MIA.

Thanks - RAD
I haven't heard of any plans for a UHF remote for DirecTivos. However, it's not really a big deal when you can get one of these:

I don't have one (yet) because my Home Theater Master MX-700 remote uses AAA batteries (the current unit only supports AA). An AAA version will be available soon.

If you have a universal remote, this is actually pretty cool because it can control ALL of your home theater equipment via UHF!

Also, no new news about the HD-Tivo :( I'm waiting to hear more about this myself. Unlike E*, D* probably won't say much about it until it's actually ready to ship.
Thanks for the response. I knew about IR extenders but that won't work for what I need to replace.
Hey Rad,
I'm considering the same switch. Are you thinking of installing yourself, or do you know of a good shop in the suburbs who can do it? I may switch to the HD receiver and one DirecTivo for our SD set, then just wait it out for the HDTivo to appear.
sclaws said:
Hey Rad,
I'm considering the same switch. Are you thinking of installing yourself, or do you know of a good shop in the suburbs who can do it? I may switch to the HD receiver and one DirecTivo for our SD set, then just wait it out for the HDTivo to appear.

Jim, I'm really on the fence on this one at the moment, so I haven't really started to dig. I thought I heard a rumor that a new DTV Tivo with RF remote was due out soon, which would elminate one hurdle. I also don't want to spend the $'s on a non-HD PVR STB if 3 or 4 months down the road the HD Tivo is finally out. ARG!!!
I totally understand. Part of my thoughts on this whole thing have to do with the state of E* and its sorted history with product development and support. I've had E* since May 2000, and my 6000 receiver does its job, but doesn't do it gracefuly...its clunky, still buggy, and has some of the ugliest menus I have ever seen. Regardless, I've been pumped for some time on the 921 (I have one preordered at DishDepot), but the more time that passes, the less confidence I have that this $1000 piece of equipment will be anything more than a buggy 721 with HD capability. Not a huge surprise I guess, but a growing concern for me and the cost of the investment.

Dish is not proving they are truly able to provide the fundamental support necessary to develop cutting-edge equipment without continuous delays and empty promises. I understand that all new technology has growing pains, but look at the 721...they have had more than enough time to greatly improve that product, yet according to many online users (Admittedly, I do NOT have a 721), continually miss the boat. Why expect anything different on future hardware? I don't know.

At work one of my duties is to manage a CATV headend for a college, and our programming is delivered via DirecTV. In the 6 years that we've been online--using consumer-grade receivers running 24/7--I have had TWO failed units. Thats all. The software interface is not only aesthetically years ahead of the 6000, but IMO is more intuitive and much easier to navigate. When I got my hands on the DirecTivo, I really liked it! Imagining the same interface with HD capability is looking like the timeshifting holy grail to me...but I'm with Dish I risk on the 921, developed by a satellite TV company? Or wait for HDTivo, developed by a company that specializes in its task of HDD-based recording.

I think I'm starting to answer my own questions...but I have yet to decide what to do. Likely I'll cancel my 921 order and sit on the sidelines this time--wait and see what happens for the next month or two.
Jim, I was a D* subscriber shortly after they started up. I had two Sony A1 STB's that worked fine. I eventually replaced them with two Sony A55 receivers that had a problem that caused the audio to distort every now and then. To fix you had to power cycle the box, no problem if it happen when I was home but no good when I was timeshifting, one to many programs ruined. I also got a Mits HD STB, that was late hitting the street but once I got it no problems.

I did the flip to E* when Sony offered to buy back the A55's since it was a design problem that they couldn't fix. At the same time E* had Showtime HD while D* didn't and would only say they were in negotiations that had been dragging on for months on end with no completation in site.

So I got a 6K, 301 and 501. The 6K's EPG was like going from a Sony PS2 to an Atari 2600, what a pile of garbage compared to the Mits. The 301 and 501 really never had any problems and I eventally replaced the 301 with a 508.

I've never played with a Tivo, but based on what I've heard the user interface and feature set blows the E* products away. But then again, except for the name based recording, the new 522 is a sweet looking box. Frankly I could live without name based and have considered replacing my 508 and 501 with a single 522.

As for the 921, that one has be scared. Some folks say the 721 is OK for them, others have nothing but problems, guess it depends on individual usage patterns or something. I'm kind of hoping that the 721 development has stunk because the techs have been concentrating on the 921, knowing that the 721 is a dead product. Maybe they've been putting in the fixes in to the 921 operating system that have been identified in the 721 and then will port the code back? All guesses on my part. I do know that I'm in the single digits on the preorder list here and hoping that I make up my mind before I get the e-mail saying that it's in and do I still want it.

Good luck with whatever you end up deciding. Rick
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