Question about Dish PCM Signal


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Jan 29, 2004
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Im having some trouble with the PCM signal from Dish being garbled when listening in Dolby PLIIx mode. Bascially all the OTA channels and Dish's Dolby transmissions including the HD channels are fine. However, when listening to any of the regular channels the audio is distorted with a high pitched garble, especially in the surrounds. Anyone else notice this problem? I am wondering if compression may have something to do with it since its not on the OTA signals or the HD channels and all my other components work fine in this mode.

I am using a Dish 6000 with a Yamaha RX-V2400 AVR.
MrDRC said:
Bump...Nobody else has a 6000 and Dolby PLIIx receiver that can test this?? How about anyone with an 811???

I have a 6000 and an 811 and don't have any of the PLII problems you describe.
Thanks for the feedback but after listening closer, I find this garble on ALL audio from the 6000. It varies from channel to channel and not near as bad on the dolby channels or OTA but its still there. None of my other components in my AV system can reproduce this. Cassette player, CD player, VCR, DVD player, LD player, Tuner...none of them reproduce this sound. I even tried hooking up the left/right analog outs from the 6000 and disconnected the optical but it still happens. Guess my 6000 is going bad. :(

I think I may be having this trouble. Let me describe it and you tell me if this is what you are hearing. I will not notice anything wrong while seated in any of the normal seating positions around the TV, but if I walk up to one of my speakers, be it the left front, right front, or one of the rears and put my ear up to it, I hear high pitched "garbled" distortions of sound, something like altered whining. Is this what you are describing? Also, I haven't checked this out on all material, but on several different occasions have walked up to a speaker and checked, and heard it. I think each time I have heard it, it was material from my Dish 6000.

And how long have you heard these voices in your head? ;)

I've got a 6000, an 811, and a 522. I can't say I have noticed this problem, but I will check it closer this evening and see if I have the same thing. Having gone to one to many rock concerts, my hearing isn't what it used to be, so it could be present and I'm just missing it. But I do hear the voices in my head loud and clear!
Stacy, thats "EXACTLY" what I hear. The way I originally noticed it was walking by one of my surrounds and I heard something unusual. I then stuck my ear right up beside the speaker and bingo, it was this garbled noise. The funny thing about it though, if I listen in regular stereo mode or 7 channel stereo mode its not there and I only hear it through the 6000. Every other source I have for audio/video does not reproduce this garble. I even went as far as buying another Yamaha RX-V2400 receiver thinking the one I had was defective in the Dolby PLIIx decoding for the sat signal input but nope, same thing so I returned it.

I have replaced my optical cable, checked all my connections, grounding, etc and can not find a cause for this distortion. Its annoying to say the least because PLIIx is a fabulous decoder for 7.1 systems when listening to 2 channel of 5.1 channel material. The next thing I will be checking is the surge protector I have the coax running through. I am going to try disconnecting it and running it straight to the 6000. After that I will have to haul down another receivers from a different room and see if I can hear it there.
Don't bother running straight coax. I did this for a long time as the cheapo surge protector I had did not have video connects on it. The sound distortion occured that way, and I have since upgraded to a Panamax (another cheapo, but with video connects on it) and I think the distortion is still there, although I haven't checked for awhile. The only good thing about this is that I never hear it unless I go put my ear to the speaker.

Well, so much for the coax test. I guess I will take down one of my other receivers and give it a try and see if I can isolate this to the 6000.

I have $4000 is speakers and $1000 in an AVR and I want clean sound. Even though its not overpowering I know the distortion is there and to me, thats enough to track this gremlin down and get rid of it. If it means dumping the 6000 then so be it but replace it with what, an 811? UGH...not my ideal solution.

I have even considered getting a high priced line conditioner thinking this may be an interference or power problem. If one of my other receivers work, then I wont go that route but something isnt right.

I'll report back when I get a chance to test another receiver with my setup.
I would absolutely blow a gasket if I had that kind of money in my audio setup and I had this trouble. Since I have a cheap Sony HTiB, I figured I could chalk the noise up to that. But, I wonder if that stupid little cooling fan on the 6000 is responsible for the noise.