Question about locals and Super Dish


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Sep 9, 2003
Fayetteville, Arkansas
My locals have just come available on Super Dish today. I have a 301 and a 501 and a 301 in the closet not being used. I would like to put the 301 in the living room with the 501, my question is if I activate the extra 301 before I order my locals and Super Dish will E* give me the switch and cable run that I need to get the extra 301 up.

The only way to hook up SuperDish is with a DP34 (3 inputs, 4 outputs)..someone coorect me if I am wrong. So they would give you the switch anyway.

If you don't have a line run now for that extra 301, when the installer comes, ask him if he can run an extra line. If it isnt too far, he might. Otherwise, ya might have to bribe him.

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