Question about Satwork ST 3618

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Dec 4, 2005
Is it normal for C-band transponders to show up as Ku frequencies with the Satwork 3618? I did a blind scan on G-16. It found the channels on TP 3950 but the info screen says the TP frequency is 11949. Thanks.
No thats not normal, make sure your L.O. is set to 5150 for C-Band (I am sure you have)

I have 2 Satwork 3618's and use one everyday for C-Band with no problems.
I have a Satwork 3618 and it does the same thing as you mentioned.

Thanks Pete, the L.O. was the problem. I was sure I had changed it but apparently not! She's looking good now. I also have two 3618's but have just used them on Ku. They are simple and easy to use for blind scanning without a lot of hassle. Thanks again. Rick
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