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Sep 17, 2003
Hey I need a second dish for one station of my locals, is there anything worthwile at this location other than this station. Have I been missing out on anything by not having this dish for 3 years? What kind of dish is it? Is it the same size as my Dish 500? I know it's alot of questions I am just trying to figure all this stuff out. Thanks! :p :p :?:
i have dealt with the same can find out more info as to whats on the second dish if you look at the EKB echostar knowledge base link located at i found that their was only a few ppv channels extra,and public service channels.the dish they use should be the old dish 300 with a single lnb.they will also probably use a 64 switch. this switch has to have acess to electrical current. i have heard of a couple of horror stories that if the installer doesnt hook this up right he will fry any receiver connected to it.i attempted to have the second dish installed but the installer said he couldnt have line of sight because of my neighbors trees. i knew this wasnt right because he was looking due northeast. i decided to drop the whole deal it just wasnt worth the hassle for the few extra channels.
You can see what is on Echostar 3 (at 61.5) here:

You can see what is on Echostars 1 & 2 (at 148) here:

Neither of these show any info on what conditions have to be met to receive the channel (such as subscription package, etc.)

Tony's Dish Channel Chart shows all the channel information in a different format, and includes the info about packages, etc.

Summary: 61.5 includes the following:
3 PPV channels at 470, 471, 472 (duplicated at 148)
1 Dish-on-Demand PPV at 533 (dup'ed at 148)
Promotional and instructional channels (most dup'ed at 148)
various foreign language packages and specific language channels (581-678; most dup'ed at 148)
Soccer and Cricket PPV at 589 (dup'ed at 148)
TV Japan (640) occasionally has programming any Dish subscriber can receive.

Some minor channels in some local markets:

Memphis, TN (1), Detroit (1), Wash., D.C. (5),
NYC (8 ), Pittsburgh (1), Philadelphia (7),
Greenville, SC (3), Orlando, FL (4), Atlanta, GA (2),
Cincinnati, OH (1), Indianapolis, IN (2),
Chicago (5), Cleveland, OH (2), Nashville, TN (2),
St. Louis, MO (2), Tampa, FL (5), Boston (5),
Miami, FL (2), Louisville, KY (1), Buffalo, NY (2),
Ft. Myers, FL (1), Paducah, KY (1), Roanoke, VA (2)

Some Public Interest channels in the 9400-9420 range (most dup'ed on 148)

Some HD channels, now mostly dup'ed on 110. The rest appear to be destined for 105.

Sky Angel, a different DBS service using E* transponders in a convoluted lease/lease-back arrangement, on channels 9701-9781. You would have to subscribe to Sky Angel service.

I have seen statements that ALL locals on 61.5 will be mirrored to 105 and ALL internationals will be mirrored to 121, so it looks like Dish is trying to position themselves to sell E*3 and the 61.5 slots to VOOM.

Lyngsat and the Dish Channel Chart are both highly recommended. The Dish Channel Chart is the same resource mentioned by the previous responder as being at DBStalk. Personally, I prefer the direct link to get there....
Those are my thoughts as well. We got the second dish and I can count on one hand the number of times I've actually watched any of those channels. But it's free equipment so why not. And even better, they had some problems with the installation so they ended up upgrading all my equipment to Dishpro.


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