8vsb fan

I opened my 6000 and removed the fan and put a tiny drop of sewing machine oil on the shaft. Been quiet ever since and that was two years ago.

Could you be more specific? How easy was it to remove the fan and then put it back after putting the oil.
I just received my 6000 last Friday and my wife is already complaining about the fan noise. :)
OK, I've heard the that 8VSB fan made noise, but I thought maybe you guys were overexagerating. Well, that is the worse noise I've ever heard. My computer is loud, but it is not really annoying. This is just straight annoying. Have to fix that soon I guess.
I remember hearing of a lower speed, higher quality quieter fan.

What would be the specs for such a fan? 5V, 30mm?
I have had a 6000 since they were first released and have never heard the fan on the 8VSB module.
If you are good at searching. Someone posted links to where you could pick up quiet replacement fans for the 6000 over on dbstalk earlier in the year. I think that it was a 10mm fan, but I'm not sure.
The stock fan is 40mmx40mmx<10mm but a 10mm fan will fit OK. A 20mm thick one will not. I bought a fan from www.directron.com but most places that sell computer supplies will have 1 or 2 40x40x10's. They are often used for cooling video cards. I checked Directron and they only had 12 volt fans which may work although the stock fan is a 5v one. I used a lighted 12v fan just because I could and it would not start turning every time so I ended up having to jump off the 7.5v line in the PS and snake the wire inton the 8VSB module. It works every time and has a nice blueish glow from inside as well and it is absolutely whisper quiet.

Also try these links: http://www.plycon.com/fans/fans40.htm or http://www.xpcgear.com/pccasefans.html but you will need to call them to see if the fans are 10mm or not.
You can place a 33 ohm resister in line with the power lead of the fan and it will slow down about 50%, still enough to cool the unit while lowering the noise level to acceptable. Better than disconnecting it altogether. Did mine a year ago, no problems.
I read a procedure some time ago that a guy had posted somewhere. What he did was insert a 30 ohm 1/8 watt resistor in series with the fan power wire. He indicated the fan speed was reduced by about half, but the noise was reduced significantly. Wherever it was, he posted pictures of the procedure. Looked involved for us less electrically oriented, but is surely a no brainer for the more technical minded of us.


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