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Sep 9, 2003
Fayetteville, Arkansas
My father is thinking about doing the free SuperDish upgrade for locals but has a question. The SD upgrade comes with a 12 month contract, in about 4 months he will be moving and will use Dishmover. If for some reason when he moves and E* can not get a signal at his new location is he still bound byt contract with the Super Dish upgrade? Thanks
I have also been wondering about this. I called Dish Network and once they told me that there was no SuperDish DishMover while another time they said that they would provide what was needed based upon what you have installed at your previous location. It is hard to tell what they would do but customers would hate to find out on the day of the install to hear "sorry, you get no SuperDish, just the Dish 500" and then for the customers to say "sorry, get out, I am switching to DirecTv or to cable where I do not have to go through this".
I just played my latest game of "CSR Roulette" and 3 out of 5 reps said you do get the SuperDish with Dishmover while 2 out of 5 say if they can't get a signal you are still on the hook for the initial Super Dish commitment. I told him either wait until he moves to upgrade or get Directv when they have locals.

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