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Apr 23, 2017
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I just finished a roof install on my motor home of the Winegard Pathway X1 and a VIP211z as Primary and a Dish Wally as secondary. I kept the over the air and cable factory set up totally separate from the Sat install. Lots of fun running new coax cable and HDMI cable. My arms look like I tried to pick up a fully clawed alley cat who didn't want to be picked up. Lacerations and bruises.

Anyhow, the system works great. Here's the question. With the receivers plugged in, but in the off position, sitting in my driveway, the Dish Antenna continues to correct itself to stay locked on to the last sat viewed. You can tell this by sitting inside and every few moments, the servos in the antenna make a slight adjustment. TV's off, boxes off, yet plugged in to shore power. I wonder if this is correct as it would seem to wear the antenna servos and belts out prematurely.


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Nov 25, 2003
When the Dish receivers are plugged in they continue to provide power to the LNBs on the dish. "Off" is really "Standby". The receivers also check for firmware updates and Guide data on a regular basis when off, so it isn't surprising at all to see the Pathway X1 servos are tracking the satellites.

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