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Sep 6, 2007
Puerto Rico
Since the 211K receiver has 1 tuner and you can't record with an EHD one program while watching another, does anybody know if the 222k will have the EHD feature someday? Has anyone heard anything concerning the 222k?

How good is the 211K? How good is the 622/DVR? I appreciate your thoughts, specially if your a user of one of these models. Thanks.
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SatelliteGuys Pro
Mar 12, 2005
Rochester, MN DMA #153
To try to summarize everything I've read concerning the 222k EHD upgrade......

It's way over due.

Many suspect it will never happen.

Many suspect that it has to do with.........

The limitation of USB being able to keep with multiple tuners recording.

It would bring the functionality to close to their 722.

I have not found any articles that have solid information concerning exactly when it will come out.

I am a soon to be new customer and will be ordering 5 211s as my receivers to avoid the DVR fee and to only pay $7 per box. I'd be willing to pay $10 on a box or two IF I knew they would get the upgrade while still avoiding the DVR fee.

Good luck,

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