Questions About Android TV amd Fire TV And 129


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Nov 29, 2007
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I have been absent from this site for quite a while.
I just noticed 129 is gone. Will the old 2 LNB dishes come back. Will they be an automatic "upgrade"?
I currently have a Hisense Google TV (Android) Which I am not very happy with. Is there any reason I should be interested in the Hopper +? I also have a ROKU box connected so I have multiple sources for streaming in 4K.
I also noticed a TCL Fire TV for $359 for a 65" today. I was tempted, but wonder what the the folks here think/know about Such TVs, Pro or Con.
Any advice is welcome.
As far as streaming devices or smart TVs go, roku by far has the best interface. I absolutely hate fire tvs and most Android tvs too. The hopper plus runs android but it's built with Dish in mind obviously so it's not bad at all. But actual android tvs are slow and clunky.
Of course there's other stuff out there that LG and Samsung and Vizio use, but I still prefer the roku layout. If you're going to get a tcl get roku.

As far as the 129 sunset, yes dish will be going back to the old style dish but with new lnbs for the hoppers. No you won't be upgraded. They will only be used on new installs or until old lnb inventory is used up and still would only get replaced if absolutely necessary.
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