Questions on 322?


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Nov 16, 2003
I have a few questions on the 322 receiver...First off...Dish claims that these are NOT FOR SALE and can only be had by lease holders, but there are currently about a half dozen or so on E-Bay. Are these legit? I mean, can they be had by us or if I bought one would Dish most likely tell me I can't activate it. 2nd....are there 2nd receiver fees (or mirroring fees) on this receiver since it feeds 2 tv's? What I had in mind was getting one to feed my son's tv and mine, so does that count as 1 receiver or 2???
It is available to new DHP customers for free with a 1 yr commitment.

I can't answer the ebay part of it other than I sold a new 921 and the buyer had no problems activating it. As long as there is nothing owed on the account. I would ask the seller for the Reciever and smartcard # and call dish to see if it is a clean unit. If it is, go for it.

RE: 1 or 2? It is considered 1 unit and there is not a mirror fee. That makes it favorable over two 301's.
I bought mine on ebay a few weeks ago and when I called Customer service to have it activated they told me I couldn't do it because I was not a lease I emailed and told them I have already bought it not knowing about having to be a lease holder, and the emailed me back with a direct number and they activated it for me with no problem.
But I also have heard nightmare stories on trying to get it activated.
I like if you feel lucky give it a shot...

And they dont charge a fee as long as you keep a phone line hooked up to it 24-7.

You also must have a dish that is set up to feed 2 receivers, because you have to run 2 signal cables to the receiver.
The latest word is that E* will not activate 322s or 522s for other than new DHA subscribers. This is actually what they said from day 1 but evidently they did activate some for a while (after escalation).

E* retailers were also informed that these products were not to be sold. There always seem to be a few that don't read the rules, or the memos, or watch the retailer chats and thus create a problem. There are no retail prices for these products and retailers will receive no back-end payments if they sell them whether they're activated or not.

So the best way to sell them would be by auction with a reserve to ensure they go for a lot more than they should. This, along with recent posts that some of the auctioned receivers were tied to SBC proves what a lot of legitamite retailers already know: that most of these products have been pilfered or stolen from distribution centers, warehouses and delivery trucks.

Best advice: don't buy new dbs satellite recievers from online auction sites. There's no incentive for a legitamite retailer to sell receivers that way and it's very unlikely that a customer would save anything over getting a product he's supposed to have thru normal retail channels (local, legit e-tailers, or direct from E*).

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