Questions on EHD/Hopper Upgrade


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Apr 27, 2010
I currently have a 722k and a 222k. I have been considering upgrading to a Hopper/3 Joey system and want to minimize the costs in doing so. I have an external hard drive that I use with a media player which I have never hooked up to Dish equipment. It is my understanding I can do so, though it will require me to reformat the drive.

So the questions I have are:

1. Once the EHD is formatted, will I then be able to transfer shows off of my 722k for viewing in a Hopper setup?
2. With a Hopper setup, is is possible to move the shows off of the EHD?
3. If that is the case and I no longer need the EHD to be connected to the Hopper, is it possible to reformat it back to a normal hard drive so that I can use it again with my media player?

As you can see, I basically would like to temporarily use the EHD for transferring rather than investing in a new one.


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Sep 28, 2003
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You could move them back to the HOPPER, and then re-use the EHD, but then they are within your 500G of space on the Hopper.


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Oct 3, 2003
If you're asking if you can temporarily use the EHD just to transfer programs you want to keep from your 722k to the Hopper, the answer is "Yes". Plug the drive into the 722K and follow the menu choices for formatting. Copy any programs you want to save to the EHD. Once your hopper is up and running with current software, plug in the EHD and transfer the programs to the Hopper. After you've moved all of the programs to the Hopper, you can disconnect your EHD and reformat it for use in your media player again if you like.

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