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Apr 19, 2006
I have some questions regarding the LNB and multiswitch. Current setup: a Direct TV dish with dual LNBs, 110 and 119. Each LNB has 2 outputs. From the dish, 2 cables (one attached to each LNB) go to a Pansat DiSeqc switch and to a Perfect Vision 3x4 multiswitch. The reason I asked is I never have a good quality signal. I stay on the roof with a 9 in. portable TV for an hour but the quality is just around 60%. I even lost signals of some channels sometimes then next day or day after it comes back normal again. If I do a blind scan on my Pansat 2700 receiver it sometime gets most of the channels back right away. I replaced the Pansat DiSeqc switch with another one, still got same problem. I removed and by-passed the multiswitch, still got same problem. Questions: what is the difference b/w 2 output ports on each LNB? Can I use either one or I must use the one on left or right? If they are the same I can use one port and connect another receiver to the other port on the LNB?. On the 3x4 multiswitch there are a 13V and a 18V port. What port should I use for my current setup? I tried both ports, getting same poor quality result. Only one thing noticed is when I use the 13V port the switch seems to be warm, more than a normal warm. Is it normal for the 3x4 switch to get warm?


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