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Mar 29, 2006
Myself and two of my friends got the newer Vip 622 Model.

Having some Problems on the 622 (Yes at the latest version L3.56):

Issue 1: Last night I was watching and all the channels had choppiness in the video. (Sort of like it was missing some frames) not smooth. Since it was happening on all channels, I checked my reception which seemed good for the most part. I then went back to my back TV and tried my DVR 942 and it was fine on those same channels. (Hooked to the same dish). So its the Vip 622.

So maybe it was a fluke...will check it again tonight.

Issue 2: My friend is trying to hook his Vip 622 to his TV by hdmi and it works but then it goes to sparkles (interfearance) on the screen after a while. He tried a new cable and that didn't fix it. So the installer brought out a new 622 and it fixed least for a while then it went to sparkles (artifacts) again. But if he uses Component cables it works just fine.

Does anyone know where there is a source to show what is fixed in a new Software release? I saw Dish Technical site which shows the current version but does not show what the latest version fixed or added.



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Jan 10, 2005
I don't know if this will solve your problems or not but when my 622 was doing that I noticed that the unit was very hot. I would get green pixels and alot of choppyness every once-in-awhile. My signals on all transponders are in the 100's so it wasn't a reception problem. I added a little 6" fan and haven't had a problem since. The only problem that I have is the picture on TV2 pops every now and then. For some reason, the 622 produces alot of heat. As an experiment, try adding a fan and see if your problems go away. Also make sure your receiver isn't in an enclosed video rack or cabunet and it has plenty of unobstructed air on all sides.

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