Quick question, while my installer is here.


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I did a quick search and couldn't find anything, but my question is this. I am having 2H/2J installed, he is installing the DUO NODe now, and is about to be done with that part, He only has 2 inputs from my LNB going into the DUO NODE and is using all 4 outbound on it. Am I mistaken, I thought it needed 3 inputs to work with 2 Hoppers, or is 2 fine? He said it only needs 2, but just wanted to make sure.



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Mar 12, 2006
I second the above, two Hoppers equal six tuners and each coax from the LNB can serve two tuners, thus three coaxes are required.


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Jan 24, 2007
--- here it is, an extract and a diagram ---
Duo Node
A Duo Node is the nearest component to the DPP LNBF or DPP switch in the
Whole-Home HD DVR system. Nodes manage the transfer of programming between a
Hopper and a Joey.
Requires three DPP satellite inputs
• Up to two Hopper host receivers supported
• Two TO HOST ports
• Two TO CLIENT ports supported
• Can be used to ground the DISH system

and give the link rglore posted above to your installer, in that link are posted all the documentation to install the hopper/joey properly...


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Jun 8, 2005
Don't sign anything at all until it is hooked up right. If he leaves, call up dish and start complaining. Might end up with something free in the long run :)


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Apr 16, 2011
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Might be a long day. I'd stop the install immediatly. If he wants to continue, insist that he call tech support so that they can tell him he is mistaken. I'd have to question the whole install if he can't get this most basic part correct.:(


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LOL, he couldn't even get the second hopper to come online. He plugged in his tester and he said it was telling him there was a short. He had to go up on the roof, I think he plugged in the 3rd LNB coax that was already there and then came down and plugged it into the 3rd input of the DUO NODE, and what do you know, hopper is coming online. :)

Thanks guys.


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Jun 27, 2010
isaacmorseMI said:
He's an idiot. The node NEEDS 3 lines from the dish.

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That or very new and inexperienced.
Simple rule of thumb we explained to the newer techs: All inputs on the node from the dish MUST have a line. Even if you're using only 2 satellites off the Eastern Arc you still need 3 lines from the dish (or DPP switch) for a duo node.

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