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Sep 11, 2007
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This issue just started. I have USAHD as one of my Quick Tune channels. If I tune to USA via the Quick Tune option it takes awhile to tune and then I get the screen of do I want to order the program for $5.99. It has the correct program name in the text. If I migrated away from USAHD to another channel and use the key pad to input 242 it tunes correctly. None of the other 8 Quick Tune channels exhibit this problem.
The recvr is HR22/100, firmware 0x395 date 1/26.
I have not done a reset or taken other actions. Thought I'd ask if anyone has experienced this problem

Since I still can edit the question I'd post what appears to be a "fix". One of the Quick Tune channels was still showing as XM. I retuned the XM channel (now showing correctly as Sonic Tap) and put it into the original USAHD position... retuned USAHD and put it into the previous XM position. Initial results appear back to normal. Sorry if this sounds like a Checker match.
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Jan 29, 2008
I get this all the time when I try to tune to channel 644-1 which is a FSN alternate channel


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Apr 5, 2008
They may have shuffled transponders around. Try adding something else to that Quick Tune position and then put USA back on the same position. Hopefully this should correct your problem.
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