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Mar 29, 2013
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If I put an “Application ID number (from CDBS database)” into the URL for the Coverage Maps page, I get a Longley-Rice map for that ID number.
The Coverage Maps page doesn’t seem to care if I put in a DTV Application ID number or a FM Application ID number.
For example, WPOC 93.1 Baltimore http://www.rabbitears.info/contour.php?appid=507972&map=Y
The contours are not right for FM, and the Longley-Rice color coding is not ideal for FM, but it is still a neat map.
So, it looks like Rabbit Ears can grab FM data from the FCC. How hard would it be to get a FM search like the current DTV search?

(Rabbit ears maps are much more useful than radio-locator’s maps)
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Jun 21, 2008
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Actually, the contours themselves are correct (red is 70 dBu, blue is either 60, 57, or 54 dBu depending on class), but the key at the side is wrong and doesn't have the FM values listed. The colors of the Longley-Rice, I concluded, are close enough that I just left the DTV values alone for FM. I actually hand-start the map generation process every morning, so the maps only exist because over a very long period of time I was generating them a little bit at a time.

On several occasions I've attempted to seek assistance in starting an FM site and the interest has just never been there to do it. I can barely keep up with fewer than 4,000 TV stations; I can only imagine how bad I would be with 30,000 FM stations. I don't want to do an official FM site unless I can do it properly, and I simply can't do it myself. At this point, all I have are the maps. I'm glad you like them, but I'm not sure I really want to advertise them too much.

Just to give you an idea, between TV and FM, I have more than 45,000 Longley-Rice maps.

- Trip
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