Random Reboots (ViP 622)


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Sep 14, 2003
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My elderly mom is happy with her 622. She really doesn't want to upgrade because she doesn't like to learn new things.

However, lately it's been randomly rebooting. I'm going to try using an alternate power outlet for a while to see if it resolves it, but I suspect that's not the issue. It's plugged into a 1 year-old UPS, so I don't think it's randomly losing power. I will also do a power cord reset, but I'm not optimistic since it's essentially rebooting itself anyway.

She says while she's watching satellite, her screen will go black and there will be no lights on the 622. After about 5 minutes, the screen returns with the usual progress bar that you see when it's rebooting. This may happen a few times per day.

My question is, is this a fairly expected thing for a box this old?

If we can't get it to working again, I assume DISH will upgrade her to a Hopper (she doesn't have any other boxes in the house. just 1 TV). She leases everything, so do you think it will impact her bill?
The caps in the power supply section are probably failing. Take the cover off and look for bulging capacitors.

Dish will probably replace it for the price of shipping, even without the protection plan.
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