RBH MC-4C Bookshelf Speaker Review


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May 29, 2006
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Sometimes manufacturers skimp on their small speaker designs assuming that a customer who wants the best quality sound will always buy larger speakers, and those buying small speakers are looking to spend as little money as possible even at the expense of quality. RBH recognizes that this is not always the case, and there is a large customer base that wants both high-quality sound, and a compact package. The RBH MC-4C is the small speaker for customers who put a premium on appearance and want to make as few sonic compromises as possible. The MC-4C offer great sound, especially when mated with a capable subwoofer, and stand out with polished finish details, and high-quality components.

Despite the MC-4C is a small speaker, RBH did NOT skimp on its design.
The only downside to the speakers is the cost. Sure, for $529/pair, you’re getting high-quality components, exceptional fit and finish, and notably accurate sound reproduction. But, the small speaker category is getting crowded with low-cost options from well-regarded names including classics like the NHT SuperZero and newcomers like the SVS Prime Satellite. RBH will need to rely on the MC-4C superior fit and finish to get in your room, and the quality of their sound reproduction to keep them there.


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