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That's a very good question. One I'd like the answer to. I don't think so as
the 942 is "Dish Network"'s latest hd dvr.

Tonight I get to record the two hour season finale of "24" in HD and at the
same time record 2 episodes of Still Standing in HD and 2 Episodes of 2
1/2men in HD. Then at 9pm, I get to record in HD the season finales of CSI
Miami and Medium. Tomorrow I get to record the season finale of NCIS and the
2nd to last American Idol show, in HD. Wednesday I get to record the season
finale of LOST, Alias & American Idol in HD.

When am I going to watch all that t.v? Whenever I darn well feel like it
and have the time. The point of it all is I get to record my favorite shows
in 1080 HD w/5.1 digital sound and it doesn't interfere with my FAMILY time
or work, both of which are more important than TV. Family is the most
important and work is important because it pays the bills. Why pay serious
$$ for HD and all that comes with it and not be able to enjoy what it has to


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Subject: Re: [VOOM/DISH/OTA] Dishnet installation-4 orbital locations needed

Robert Heitner (Yahoo) wrote:
> I have since learned that the 942 only has 1 OTA tuner, not 2 and

> it is impossible to record 2 local channel programs in 1080 HD (again
> example of CSI Miami and Medium or Desperate Housewives and L&O Criminal
> Intent). Without this ability, I will not switch. .. and believe me, it
> makes me mad as @#$% as I really want those 10 Voom channels!!

Does any box have this ability? I'm really happy with the 942, but I
don't watch/record much off broadcast TV. I love the ability to
record HD movies which is what I have been waiting for.



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