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Robert Heitner (Yahoo) wrote:
> When am I going to watch all that t.v? Whenever I darn well feel like it
> and have the time. The point of it all is I get to record my favorite shows
> in 1080 HD w/5.1 digital sound and it doesn't interfere with my FAMILY time
> or work, both of which are more important than TV. Family is the most
> important and work is important because it pays the bills. Why pay serious
> $$ for HD and all that comes with it and not be able to enjoy what it has to
> offer?

Just FYI, I agree with this, but our TV watching habits are very
different so the 942 meets my needs while it doesn't meet your needs.

I watch almost no broadcast TV -- at least no drama's or sitcoms.
Local news now and then and perhaps a 60 minutes once every few months
if there's an interesting story, but that's about it. I watch mostly
movies and sports, and it's great to finally be able to record movies
in HD and watch those when I want, which voom was lacking.

Now when college football and college basketball come around and
broadcast TV has two events on in HD that I want to watch, I will have
a problem! :-/



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