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I got ripped for $100 for an mp3 player. The seller actually emailed me and
told me he knew it was broke but needed the money and he was "sorry". I left
his the worst negative feedback possible. That's all you can do.


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All that makes sense but we are talking about a $50 item, do you think the
FTC is going to jump on it? With Ebay, the victim can leave negative
feedback, if the seller is unresponsive in offering a refund, but the
shipping costs are not normally refunded so it's a poor exercise for
everyone. It is much more prudent to thoroughly querie your seller and
check his feedback. Make sure you ask the right questions, etc.
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> Any eBay Seller that represents in any way that the VOOM receiver can
> receive local stations, and the buyer finds it comes on and says "not
> activated call VOOM", must refund the purchase price and shipping. If
> seller refuses the buyer MUST notify eBay and the Federal Trade
> Commission. It is fraud to sell something for a use it cannot perform.
> We all must act to stop on-line fraud. It constitutes "Wire-Fraud" and
> is a serious crime. Just because it is wide spread does not diminish
> the seriousness.
> Some sellers may claim they were not aware of the problem, because they
> did not test it. However a seller has a legal obligation to take
> reasonable steps to assure the item selling will work for the intended
> use unless he states only that it is sold "as-is".
> Private sellers may well not be held to as high a standard as
> commercial sellers, but they still must deal honestly, and that means
> full refund if the buyer cannot use the item. eBay may only be able to
> yank the guy off eBay, but even that is worth going after.
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