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Aug 19, 2005
Some old corn field, United States
I have a customer who had 2 hoppers and 4 joeys and he decided he did not need 1 of the hoppers and 1 of the joeys so I disconnected the hopper and joey and linked the other 3 joeys to the other hopper. Strange thing going on and I can not figure it out. I linked both joeys in the bedrooms to the hopper and as customer wanted linked the last joey to share the same channel as the hopper so that they are mirrored. for some odd reason we get separate programming at all 4 tv's! I looked at each joey and they are all 1.0's. at a total loss as how this happening! any ideas?
A few updates back they made changes to the PTAT... At anytime you can watch/record the big 4 using only one of the tuners it's no longer limited to the prime time hours, but only the ones in the PTAT folder will get auto hop.
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