Receive HDTV via PVR508


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Jul 14, 2004
I own a DISH Network PVR 508 and was unclear whether or not I was capable of using Dish netorks HD programming via this unit. Would it be possible to use current PVR 508 in combination with a HDTV television that has a ATSC tuner? Are these two different things?

Is my only option in combining PVR/DVR and HDTV an upgrade to DISH Network Unit?

Any suggestion or knowledge would be appreciated!

The 508 is a standard definition PVR and will only record SD to it's hard drive. It does not have a HDTV tuner. To receive off the air HD and Dish Network HD programming you must have either the model 6000 (older model) or the new 811 model. To receive and record off the air HD and Dish Network HD programming, you must have the 921 model. It is pricey, not readily available (although supplies are rumoured to be opening up) and considered very "buggy" at this early point in its production life. Hopefully in time, as with most of the Dish receivers, the 921 will become more reliable through software updates.

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