Receiver scans past active TP's


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Mar 15, 2010
Good day folks,
I am trying to see if anyone has had this particular problem? I live at GTMO Bay, Cuba and have turned my dish to 61.5 satellite, I have decent signal on a few TP's but minimal on others. TP's 4 & 6 are 50+ but TP 19 is only 25-20 and others are even less. I have about 3 TP's total that appear to work well. I have done the check switch test and the results are not good. The receiver shows reception and when I try to watch tv only a few channels come in. The receiver tryinbg to search for a signal but bypasses the active transponders and settles on transponders with zero reception.

Any ideas folks?



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Jan 4, 2007
Fairfax, VA
The only sat that can transmit on tps 4 and 6 is Echo6, and it's just testing those transponders right now. Dish has no authority as yet to turn Echo6 on and leave it on permanently. :( What is up and visible to subs on 61.5 is mostly HD and a few international channels. Which channels are you looking to get? Perhaps a different sat would give better reception.

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