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Jan 11, 2010
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I had my Directv upgraded to HD the week of Christmas. Well DTV sent out an installer to do the upgrade. I have always installed and maintained my own equipment for the last 14 years but DTV said they would have the perform the upgrade. Well he showed up ill prepared and did a poor job with the install. I had to go and buy a pole to mount the dish, dig the hole, mount a support brace on the pole, bury the cables, and basically clean up the mess he left. Anyway I now have one problem, one of my local HD channels now loses audio and emits a very loud buzz for a second or two every 5 minutes or so while watching it. All other channels seems to be fine. the picture is not effected. it does this on both of the receivers that I have. I wanted to check my signal levels but when I went to check them my system only shows the signal level for 99 and 103, I went into info and he has my dish type to set to slimline 3. I clearly have a slimline 5 dish. I am getting all of my HD channels though. The signal levels on the 99 and 103 Sat are very good, a lot of 100, upper and mid 90's. My question is if the dish is set to slimline 3 instead of 5, will it cause problems, could that be causing the intermittent buzz that I get on the one local channel. Should I change the dish type to 5? I have one HR 23 DVR and one standard HD receiver, they both are set to slimline 3. Any help, experience, or expertise that you could share would be appreciated. This is the dish I have,:


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Jul 31, 2009
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I know there are some markets that only need the Slimline 3, but if he put on a Slimline 5, you woulld think he would have configured it that way. Seems strange to me. I would change it on the setup to the Slimline 5lnb, and see what happens, worse case scenario, it doesn't work and you change it back.


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Nov 10, 2009
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DIRECTV lied when they said THEY WOULD HAVE TO perform the upgrade.

Anyone can buy a slimline dish from a dealer and upgrade their dish if they want to.
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