reciever problems with low power

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Jun 22, 2004
i got directv a couple months ago, and since then i've had a few signal problems. when we had christmas lights up, the lights were on the same fuse as the directv reciever, and whenever the lights were on, we could hardly get any channels from the 200's up. it took us a couple days to realize that the lights were the problem, after the technician visited and rewired the house and didn't fix it. when we realized it was the lights, we would just turn the lights off and we could watch tv.
now i'm having the same problem in my bedroom. I recently put the box in this room, and it is attached to the same circuit as my computer, and so when i run the computer i cannot get any of the higher channels. the model number for my reciever is
Samsung SIR-S 300W
the other two recievers in the house work when mine doesn't, and mine works when the computer is off. It is frustrating because i like to watch tv while i'm on the computer.
Does anyone have any suggestions? Has anyone ever even had the same problem?
Please reply by conversation.

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