Recording Timer from Guide not working correctly when there is autotune timer (1 Viewer)

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SatelliteGuys Pro
Apr 29, 2009
San Francisco, California USA
I'm experiencing a problem. I like to keep the Hopper H3 on in the event of the nightly reboot so I have a autotune timer at 2:00AM-3:00AM PST tuned to 626-01. I also have a scheduled timer nightly for a program that is on 626-01 from 1:35AM-2:55AM PST. What I noticed is that if I left the Hopper H3 watching tv, it would record the program without problems. But if I was watching a DVR recorded program, it would not record the program at all even though the Hopper will prompt me at 2:00AM to allow the tune-in event or not. So it seems that watching the recorded DVR program would cause the H3 to not record.
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