REEBOK and Dish Network Team Up for Football

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Sept. 19, 2006 - As part of the brand’s new “When Did I Know?” ad campaign, Reebok has partnered with iTV ad firm BrightLine Partners, EchoStar’s DISH Network, The Media Group (TMG), and Ensequence to deliver to consumers a groundbreaking interactive television commerce opportunity. To bolster its message and highlight Rbk’s status as the official outfitter of the NFL, the athletic sports apparel company launched its iTV ad campaign nationwide on Monday, Sept. 18.

DISH Network viewers will encounter the interactive Rbk commercials before and during ESPN’s Monday Night NFL programming, motivating viewers to access video featuring player profiles, to play NFL trivia to win jerseys, and starting later in the ad campaign, to purchase Rbk replica NFL jerseys directly from the DISH Network TV screen by entering credit card information with their remote control.

The Rbk commercials are embedded with an interactive overlay, or trigger, allowing consumers to click through to a fully branded, interactive Rbk iAd, which is a web-like screen on the television where viewers can watch long-form interviews of an individual Rbk NFL star of the week. Rbk’s unique approach, crafted by BrightLine Partners in collaboration with Reebok roster agencies McGarry Bowen and Zugara, features exclusive weekly video profiles of Rbk athletes, including Peyton Manning, Steve Smith, DeAngelo Hall, and Torry Holt. Viewers can also participate in a trivia challenge where they can register to win an authentic jersey of that week’s NFL star. The campaign was specifically designed to drive extended, opt-in engagement from Rbk’s target consumers.

This will be the first initiative by a major marketer to offer audiences an opportunity to buy Rbk products with a click of their remote control. This will also be the first time an advertiser has partnered with a satellite TV provider to offer viewers nationally the opportunity to instantly purchase consumer goods on television by using their remote control from a 30-second commercial.

The interactive television ads will run beginning Sept. 18 and continue for the eight weeks of the NFL regular season. Beginning in the latter part of this ad campaign, the long-form video featuring player interviews will be available for viewing at any time on DISH Network Digital Video Recorders.

“Reebok surpasses its competitors in the space, and major marketers generally, with this multi-layered interactive experience for its male 18-34 target consumer. This campaign was the logical next step in Reebok’s cutting-edge approach to reaching television’s new consumer,” says BrightLine CEO Jacqueline Corbelli.

EchoStar’s DISH Network’s interactive TV-enabled programming is carried in over 12 million households nationwide.

"Reebok is going beyond the traditional 30-second commercial to deliver a real-time interactive experience to consumers nationwide who never have to leave the comfort of their couches to make a purchase," said Chris Kager, president of TMG’s The Ad Group. “Reebok is embracing the power of traditional cable networks while adding the flexibility of TMG’s nationally distributed TV channels to deliver on-screen triggers, iAds, long-form video, an interactive contest, and set-top box audience analysis.”

About The Media Group (TMG)

The Media Group (TMG) is a full-service, turn-key provider of interactive TV advertising, direct response programming and transactional TV. TMG represents advertising media in various formats on eight of TMG’s targeted transactional TV channels: The Men's Channel, Healthy Living Channel, Beauty & Fashion Channel, Resort and Residence, iDrive, Men's Outdoors & Recreation, America’s Preview Channel and iShop TV. Comprised of three divisions, The Ad Group, The iTV Group and The Networks Group, TMG reaches an aggregate of more than 100 million homes nationwide through EchoStar's DISH Network satellite TV and major cable TV distributors Comcast, Time Warner and Cox on a market-by-market basis. Visit

About BrightLine Partners

BrightLine Partners plays the unique role in the television advertising industry of helping companies seamlessly integrate interactive elements into their TV marketing efforts through custom design and implementation of iTV ad solutions. Our team provides strategic and tactical know-how to clients embracing the opportunities presented by interactive commercials, video-on-demand, branded channels, and other types of interactive television advertising. BrightLine's main focus is positioning and equipping clients to use interactive television advertising to achieve greater visibility and consumer reach, heighten marketing effectiveness, and sustain competitive advantage. Visit

About DISH Network

EchoStar Communications Corporation (NASDAQ: DISH) serves more than 12.46 million satellite TV customers through its DISH Network™, the fastest growing U.S. provider of advanced digital television services in the last five years. DISH Network offers hundreds of video and audio channels, Interactive TV, HDTV, sports and international programming, together with professional installation and 24-hour customer service. Visit EchoStar's DISH Network at or call 1-800-333-DISH (3474).

About Ensequence

Established in 2000, Ensequence is the world's leading provider of interactive TV software used to create, manage and broadcast interactive shows and commercials. Ensequence software suites and professional services deliver cross-platform interactive TV capabilities to advertisers, programmers and operators worldwide. Leaders in interactive TV rely on Ensequence software and services to create and broadcast their interactive TV shows and commercials, including the BBC, BSkyB, Cox Communications, DISH Network, Disney, Hewlett-Packard, Major League Baseball Advanced Media, MTV Networks UK & Ireland, Sky Sports, TV Guide and UKTV. For more information about Ensequence, visit


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Gee, I was just thinking how complete my life would be if only E* were to forego all receive enhancements like USB external Storage, NBR on certain DVRs, and useful features like queueing multiple DVR recordings for playback to DVR or other archiving device, in order for them to develop interactive commercials and perhaps even "lock" the receiver (no skip forward, no channel changing, etc.) for the entire duration of the commercial. Shylocks, Schleps, and Schmucks are not a useful nor welcomed feature.:rolleyes:
Bug fixes = $0 revenue (and have an associated cost as well)

Reebox tie-ins = Mr. Reebok delivers a big honkin' check for their engineering efforts....

They haven't "locked" the receiver, as you are speculating, and I doubt they could come up with code that could read flags zipping by that quick....