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Jimmy Dean

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Apr 13, 2006
Southern Cali
ReelzChannel™ and Launch Today on TV and the Web

TV Network Reaches 28 Million Households In Cable/Satellite’s Largest Launch Ever

Broadband Site Features Unique Movie Search Functions

MINNEAPOLIS, ST. PAUL, Minn. & LOS ANGELES ReelzChannel™, a new TV network with original programming that is dedicated to everything about movies 24/7, launches today at 6pm EDT/3pm PDT. The largest network launch in cable/satellite history, ReelzChannel will be available in 28 million TV homes nationwide. The website,, will be available worldwide on the Internet at the same time.

ReelzChannel and are the only network and website focused on everything about movies 24/7. ReelzChannel’s entertaining programming is about contemporary and current movies wherever they are playing, but with a unique focus on movies playing on television. ReelzChannel is a destination for everyone who loves movies. Whether exploring blockbusters or hidden gems, the network and website will help consumers find movies that they can enjoy on TV, in theaters, on their computers and portables.

In its national debut, ReelzChannel will be available to DIRECTV “Total Choice” subscribers on channel 225 and to Dish Network “Top 60” subscribers on channel 299, both at no additional cost. Cable distribution agreements that have previously been announced include Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Charter, Bright House and Insight Communications. Upcoming individual cable system launches, including channel number, will be announced on

ReelzChannel’s initial TV schedule includes:

DAILIES: Dailies, the network’s signature show, is a daily news and information program focused entirely on the movies. Dailies delivers exclusive clips, news, and stories from the movie world that viewers won’t see on other networks. Dailies covers all movies whether they’re in the theater, on DVD, pay-per-view, or video-on-demand. Dailies gets its information from the inside and tells it like it is in a well-informed but fun fashion. From the pitch to the premiere, if it’s happening in the movie biz, Dailies is all over it.

SECRET’S OUT WITH LEONARD MALTIN: Secret’s Out uncovers the overlooked gems that were outshined by the glow of the latest blockbusters. Whether it’s in the theaters, on DVD, or on TV, every week Secret’s Out will spotlight scene-stealing and star-making performances, videos lost on the shelf, and even stellar movie-centric web sites that shouldn’t be missed.

THE DIRECTORS: The Directors takes viewers behind the lens and deep into the world of moviemaking through interviews with Hollywood’s biggest directors and contributions from the brightest stars. Viewers will get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how movies are really made that they won’t see anywhere else!

THE CHECKLIST: Hosted by Todd Anderson. Know what you want from a movie? Why not make a list? ReelzChannel does. Looking for crazy characters (check)… non-stop action (check)… explosive effects (check)… and lots of the other essentials for a great movie experience? The Checklist goes through checklists every week so viewers know what they’re getting from the latest releases.

THE BIG TEASE: Hosted by Chi-Lan Lieu. What’s the best part of going to the movies besides the popcorn? The movie trailers, of course! The Big Tease unspools favorite trailers for upcoming movies in theaters, on DVD, video-on-demand, pay-per-view and premium channels.

WHAT IT TAKES: This program takes a look at what it took for some of Hollywood’s biggest names to make it large in showbiz. With interviews from industry experts and the stars themselves, each episode reveals the choices they made and the steps they took to get to the top of the Hollywood heap. becomes immediately available across the U.S. and internationally on the Internet at launch time. In addition to its focus on everything about movies 24/7, will enable fans to explore movies in infinite detail. Whether interested in movies in theaters or available at home, users will enjoy trailers, clips, unique details and exclusive original stories about the movies they love. With a database already exceeding 180,000 movies, only lets fans explore movies and find out where they are available --- on TV, DVD or in theaters --- including start times and channel numbers on their own local cable or satellite systems, whether or not that system carries the TV network yet.

“In this exciting era of ever-expanding movie options on numerous premium movie channels, pay-per-view ,video-on-demand, DVD and in the theaters, navigating effectively through all these choices has become a daunting challenge,” said Stanley E. Hubbard, Chairman and CEO of ReelzChannel. “That challenge has now been met, thanks to the cable operators and satellite systems who have partnered with us to reach a record number of subscribers at launch.”

Hubbard added, “ReelzChannel on TV and on the Web will entertain, inform, and direct consumers, becoming a unique and express connection between movie lovers and movies of every size and description. Our goal is to become the ultimate destination for fans who want to know everything about movies.”

About ReelzChannel

ReelzChannel, with headquarters in Minneapolis/St. Paul and offices in Los Angeles and New York, was founded by Hubbard Media Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hubbard Broadcasting, Inc., a privately held corporation. Hubbard Broadcasting owns and operates television stations in Minnesota, New York and New Mexico; radio stations in Minnesota and Wisconsin; The Hubbard Radio Network, a regional radio network; and F & F Productions, one of the premier high-definition remote production companies in the U.S.
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Mar 2, 2004
are they run by the tube tv guys, cause it looks like they stole their design


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Oct 8, 2005
Flora, IL
8:45 CDT, STILL NO Reelz!!!! This is just patefic, I watch Jericho, and turn to the EPG, and it is not there!!!!! if we were not in a contract I would be seriously considering going to directv, of course that's not my choice, since it's either Dish network or cable because mom can't live w/o her soaps on her local channel!

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