Remote code for Sony SLV-D500P


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Sep 7, 2003
No code seems to work for this new DVD/VCR combo. My dish 6000 doesn't seem to be able to control it.

Any idea where I can get help?

Thank you.
Use the manufacturers remote control, buy a universal remote control that will operate the 6000 and the Sony. DISH dosen't have the code stored in the remote and you can't add it.
this for everbodylooking for the remote code for the sony slv-d500p, follow these directions completly and it will work if you have a universal remote ge brand i found is the only one that works model number 24938 to program it select t under dvd i found you can get into the menu y using shift/setup then push the input button the shift then 3 key will get you from tv to vcr so you can watch channels enter is like the ok button you will have to do some things by trial and error with or without the shift and random key pushing try to post this info to other sites as well s it will be helpful to other people all to good luck

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