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Jan 16, 2004
I am new to the forum, so I apologize if this has been discussed.

I have recently gotten a DVR 522. I was hoping to be able to use an old UHF remote from a Dish Network 4800 to control the UHF tuner, but it did not work. Dish Network said that an additional remote could not even be purchased. I have the UHF output going to several TV's, and I don't want to have to take the remote with me each time I want to change channels in another room.

Are there any solutions for using an older UHF remote or are there any third party guys selling these.

Thanks for your help.
Get your hands on an 811 or 921 (maybe a 721,.. guys ??) remote and they will work just fine. 322 UHFs (TV2) will work too, but no direct DVR fuctions.

I see alot of 721 remotes on Ebay pretty cheap, might be work a shot, hopefully the 811/921 remotes will start showing up there soon, or maybe the retailers can get one for you.

I don't know if this will help - but I have a 522 and 811 - the 811 is only hooked to one TV so I got an older platinum remote for the 811 and the 811 remote is the same as the TV2 remote for the 522 - so that became the extra remote for the 522 to use in the other room.

Not ideal - since you have to have the 811 - but thought I'd mention it.
The new UHF remotes are UHF PRO a new longer range remote from DISH they are not compatible with their older UHF remotes. The old IR codes still work but the Tuner 2 is only UHF so until DISH makes the new remote available get used to carrying it with you.

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